Jake Hatfield helped teach the first photo classes in the studio in 2018 and has served as technical support for Hatfield Photography since 2010. He is great at helping everyone set up new cameras and find all of the menu functions. As an avid car guy and former mechanic, Jake teaches creative photography classes for toy cars and real vehicle enthusiasts alike as well as social clubs focused on toy and car photos.

These classes meet weekly so the kids can share photos & ideas with other learners regularly.

One is great for car enthusiasts while the other is better for learners who are more into photography and using different props and toys. 

What's That Car? 
Photography Social Club
Toy Photography Storytellers Imagination Club

Creative photography One-time classes

Join me for a fun & interactive toy or car photography class! 

Make Toy & Model Cars Look Like Real Cars

 Learners will photograph their toy or model cars in various places around their home and learn positioning and lighting strategies to make them look like life-size cars

Extreme Situations: Toy & Model Car Photography

In this second car class, learners will photograph their toy or model cars getting more creative and showing cars in real life scenarios and extreme situations.

Make Interesting Photos of Toys & Cars

Students will learn how to photograph toys to create interesting compositions by thinking about lighting, background, and brainstorming together as a group.

creative toy & model car photography 3 day camp

In this fun camp, learners will use a box and simple materials from around the house and learn new ways to use this as a tool to create amazing photos of toy and model cars anywhere they go!

"The class was a great blend of two passions my son has, cars and photography.  Mr. Hatfield gave wonderful tips and techniques that truly inspired my son.  He asked my son to try some and post pictures to the site.  I was very impressed when he replied back with his feedback.  I would highly recommend this class and others by Mr. Hatfield."


In this 4 week course, students learn how to choose subjects, consider lighting, and use rules of composition to make creative photographs using any camera or phone/tablet in this interactive photography experience with Erika or Jake Hatfield.