Kids & Teens Classes

All of our classes for ages 3-18 are currently offered exclusively on the Outschool marketplace. 

creative photography class series

These live and interactive courses for ages 6-18 build on one another as students learn to create more interesting photographs. No camera is required – students can use any device that takes photos! You can click any button below to get more info or sign up for a class. All 3 courses together are an 18 week semester-long course. 

FLEX courses are the same class series with No live Zoom meetings – Students watch the video & post photos in the Outschool classroom any time during the week.

Level 1: 
Subject, Light, Composition

In this 4 week course, students learn how to choose subjects, think about lighting, and use rules of composition to make creative photographs.

Level 2: 
Film, Variety, Editing

Over 6 weeks, students learn to discuss photographs, experience the history of photography, create visual variety, and begin editing photos.

Level 3: 
Great Light Everywhere

In this 8 week course, students will learn more advanced lighting techniques working in all different environments and will be able to take great photos anywhere.

learn how to use dslr or mirrorless camera settings

Set the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in full manual mode to get photos that look exactly how you want in this 6 week class for ages 10-15!

One time Visual storytelling 

Composition CLASSES

Introduction to Photo Composition
Understanding the Rule of Thirds 
Beyond the Rule of Thirds



Pet Photo 2: Pets & people

Pet Photo 3: Themes & costumes

Pet Photo 4: Pets in motion

Toy, Model & Real Car Photography classes

Make Toy & Model Cars Look Like 
Real Cars
Extreme Situations: Toy & Model Car Photography
Toy & Model Car 3 Day 
Photography Camp
What's That Car? 
Photography Social Club


Make Epic Photos of Ordinary Objects
One Time Class
Freeze Frame: Making & Photographing 
Easy Ice Sculptures 
Creative Toy Photography
One Time Class
Toy Photography 
Storytellers Imagination Club

a few more classes

just for teenagers

Talk with Your Hands: Gesture in Self-Expression and Photography
Express Yourself! An Introduction to Self-Portraiture

Capturing Epic Travel and Vacation Photos



FOR AGES 15-18

This set of 4 ten week courses will prepare older teenagers to start their own 

photography business or work as a photographer's assistant. Students should be 

comfortable working in full manual mode before enrolling in this series. 

Level 1: 
Choosing a  Specialty

Level 2: 
Plan your Business

Level 3: 
Marketing to Launch

Level 4: